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Natural Rearing Product Catalogue

AOX / PLX Antioxidant Enzymes

Bodies constantly produce enzymes to protect us from cell damaging substances called free radicals. Excess free radicals come from environmental pollutants, radiation, illness, excess sun, over exertion, poor nutrition, aging and even emotional stress. All of these factors create a condition in which a body's production of enzymes is less than our needs. The result of this enzyme deficiency is cellular damage often seen as inflammation, pain and fatigue.

Although free radicals are the by-product of a natural process, they are harmful to the body if allowed to accumulate. A healthy body produces enzymes that are called antioxidant enzymes- Superoxide Dismutase (SOD); Glutathione Peroxidase (GP); Methionine Reductase (MET) and Catalase (CAT). Their sole purpose is to protect the body's health and preserve its energy by eliminating free radicals. The production of these enzymes are critically linked to proper nutrition. Aging, stress, and today's environment, also challenge our body to meet these crucial enzyme needs.

Maintaining optimal levels of antioxidant enzymes is extremely important. Over 6000 published scientific studies have demonstrated that free radical induced oxidative stress plays a critical role in more than 60 health concerns including inflammation, arthritis, cancer, and the effects of accidental or surgical trauma.

Live foods that are rich in enzymes themselves, appear to stimulate the body's own production of antioxidants. These would include raw vegetables, wheat and barley grass, sprouts and blue-green algae. Unfortunately modern farming methods have greatly depleted the nutritional value of the foods we eat.

Botanists have developed strains of genetically engineered wheat sprouts which are enzyme rich and have shown to enhance the antioxidant enzymes in the body. The sprouts are dehydrated at low temperatures to prevent harm to the live enzymes, and are compressed into a convenient tablet form.

AOX / PLX is the most comprehensive antioxidant enzyme product containing all the primary enzymes. It is easily the most potent enzyme complex presently available.

I learned of this product through the Holistic veterinarians. Many use it extensively throughout their practices. It is excellent for chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic inflammation and pain, recovery at any stage, before and after surgical procedures; during medical therapy, etc. It is particularly useful in relieving strains of stress ( shows, kenneling, flying, etc.) or as a general preventative.

I have been taking the AOX / PLX for several years now. In less than two weeks my energy levels went up and I continued to increase my stress and workload while maintaining a good sense of well being. This is one supplement I would not be without.

Daily Dosage: (For therapeutic use)

  • small dog / cat- 1-2 tablets
  • med. dog- 2-3 tablets
  • large dog - 3-5 tablets

For maintenance use- 1/2 to 2 tablets daily depending on size.

90- 650 mg. caplets....$ 36.00
190- 650 mg. caplets....$ 67.00

Further information about this product is available upon request.