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Healthy Breeding With Herbs and Homeopathy

written by Marina Zacharias

Truly there is no finer sight for animal lovers than to see an alert-eyed, lustrous coated dog racing across a field with great stamina. We rejoice in their health and vigor, and wish them a long, disease-free and contented life.

As breeders, this is our hope for every newborn puppy we bring into this world. These precious warm bundles are totally dependent on us for managing their tenuous journey into the healthy well adjusted adult we wish them to be. We all derive such pleasure in the companionship our dogs provide for us, that we must return the favor by providing them with the best health care and management that we can.

Our society has been conditioned with quick-fix and band-aid medicine. We know from experience that this often times only gives temporary relief and in fact can generate a rebound effect of symptoms or undesirable side-effects.

Complimentary medicine, in particular Homeopathy and Herbs, can play a very large part in the successful rearing of our animals. Homeopathy and Herbs are essentially, natural healing processes, providing remedies to assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the body's natural forces of recovery. They concentrate on treating the patient, rather than the disease.

Homeopathic remedies may be used singularly or in combinations. Combination remedies are simple and easy to use. They provide the less experienced prescriber with an opportunity to apply homeopathy to a broad range of illnesses. A very effective, reliable line of homeopathic combinations is called BHI. These German formulations are utilized by veterinarians and physicians throughout the world due to their high success rate and ease of prescribing. I personally have found them to be excellent for my dogs and family.

Here are but a few well proven remedies that can assist in the rearing of healthy animals. Of course, veterinary advise should always be sought in cases of serious illness or injury.

Breeding Problems:

For bitches that do not come in season or the seasons are not normal Dr. Deva Kaur Khalsa recommends the following homeopathic remedies; Sepia 30c-one dose every 10 days for 3 doses Pituitary 30c- one dose in the beginning of the month. This combination can bring the majority of bitches into season.

For bitches who cycle normally but who do not conceive there is a very good European remedy to use called Tridex PU 200. This is given to the bitch approx. 4 to 6 weeks before her next season every other day.

The Stud Dog who suffers from exhaustion and debility from overuse could benefit well from China 30c , Gelsemium 30c or BHI Enzyme. They can be given three times daily until improvement. The remedy Tridex B9 is very useful in treating hypersexuality in the male.

For care of the bitch during and after pregnancy there are specific homeopathic and herbal remedies which are recommended, that I have used with consistently good results. As I have mentioned them in detail in previous articles, I will only list them here:Pregnancy Formula- given weekly (combines Caulophyllum 30c, Arnica 30x, and Sepia 30c); NR Birth Aid; Fading Puppy Remedy (a homeopathic complex); Viburnum opulis 30c (for history of miscarriage.)

A special note here should be made about the regular use of Vitamin E. Statistical reports from a random sample of bitches on Vitamin E, show that conception chances at mating, are about 40% better than a random sample of bitches not taking the vitamin. When both partners use it, results are even better. I use a natural form rather than synthetic. It has been recently proven that the synthetic form has a far less absorption rate than natural vitamin E.

Herbs can also aid in fertility. Seaweed blended with nettle and grated raw almonds are splendid fertility aids.

Any animal, especially those used in breeding must be free of all parasites, internal as well as external. Unfortunately numerous puppies are lost by the use of chemical wormers. There are certainly natural alternatives that are effective and are safe! The very best one I have found which has proven the most effective and simplest is a Chinese Herbal formula called Anti-Parasite Powder. It is effectual for roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms, and giardia. It can be safely used on nursing bitches and pups of any age. This natural formula works quickly and best of all eliminates the risks! I once had a dog contract two stubborn varieties of tapeworm. After a short three day course of the Anti-Parasite powder, the one variety was eliminated. I then doubled the dosage and after one treatment the other variety was eliminated. My veterinarian couldn't believe it!

To help prevent internal parasites on young pups and especially to keep immunity high, I give the bitch NR Herbal Compound tablets throughout pregnancy and during nursing. This compound consisting of Garlic, Rue, Sage, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Wormwood and Vegetable Charcoal has many great internal cleansing properties, all which get passed through the milk. This unique compound was formulated by herbalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy. She has been a pioneer in herbal treatments and prevention for all animals with a worldwide following since the 1930's. With continued daily regular use of the compound on all my dogs, they have been free of parasites, fleas and illness! Due to its immunity stimulating abilities, this is truly one compound I would not be without.

Puppies fed any formula can be given Lactobacillus acidophilus daily. This is a must if anti-biotics are being used. Make sure to get the live enzyme from your pharmacist (It needs to be refrigerated. A good brand is "Lactinex".) Or use plain yogurt if you are in a pinch. This will go far in helping to prevent diarrhea in the pups. For yellow diarrhea in pups use the homeopathic remedy Podophyllum 6x or BHI Diarrhea in the formula or orally several times a day until improvement. For general colic conditions, try chamomile tea along with BHI Spasm-Pain and BHI Stomach.

Bitches that lose coat while nursing can be given extra lecithin, vitamin E, and B complex vitamins. BHI Hair and Skin can be used daily to promote rapid hair growth. Also give the double normal ration of seaweed.

Special note here should be made about the merits of deep-seaweed. It is without equal as a natural source of iodine. This is highly desirable for pregnant mothers and especially needed during the age of adolescence to ensure the proper development of the reproductive organs. It not only gives dark pigment to eyes, nose and claws, but its true fame is due to the powers to stimulate hair growth. When blended with the herbs cleavers, nettles, comfrey and uva ursi, it acts well as a glandular tonic ( particularly for thyroid function), promoting general forward and stalwart body development, including strong bones. This combination, called NR Seaweed Mineral Food, when used daily for in the in-whelp bitch, has proven to give excellent results in the general improvement of the litter as well as preventing acid or failing milk and streptococcal infection. I have tried many kelps but this is truly the best I have found. The coats on my dogs are not only thick, but are very deep in color as well. I give it daily to all my dogs to ensure they receive the trace elements and minerals they need.

In acute mastitis cases there are many remedies that have proven excellent. The earlier you can catch the first signs of symptoms the faster and more complete homeopathic remedies can cure. In my own experience, I have found that when given at the first signs of symptoms, the mastitis was aborted within the day of treating with homeopathy. For example:Aconite 30c given every 10 minutes for 4 doses in the early stages. This can help reduce anxiety and relieve fever. BHI Inflammation, BHI Injury and Traumeel (oral) can be used as they give excellent results. Apis 30c will also aid in the reduction of swelling.

Externally- bathe the glands with an infusion of mint or use dock or elder leaves. The homeopathic ointment Traumeel also can bring good relief.

In cases where a bitch's milk is slow to come in try Urtica urens 30x for one or two doses after birth. This usually gets the milk flow going.( In the lower potencies such as 3x it will help to dry up milk.) There are many foods which help to increase milk production rapidly. Goats milk; grated raw or cooked carrots; oat flakes; seaweed powder; honey.

I use a wonderful combination called NR Tree Barks Gruel which combines Slippery Elm flour, Barley, Dill and Marshmallow root. It can be added to the food or I give it with goats milk and honey as an extra meal. These ingredients are excellent for milk production, as well as calming the bitch's overworked system. All my puppies are weaned with this Gruel.( They love the taste!) It soothes the stomach and entire digestive tract. Based on an old Native Indian recipe, it has proven to give superiority in bone, body and temperament. It can be especially useful in any case of diarrhea; sickness or convalescing animal. It can be particularly good for the dog with chronic digestive disorders. Simply add it daily to the food.

Any animal who suffers a lack of appetite can surely not perform at their best. For the dog who appears to have an appetite but only eats a couple of mouthfuls Lycopodium 30c could help this with a single dose. The Tridex 771 remedy has proven extremely useful in cases of appetite, underweight and in poor condition problems. In general, cases can be internally dosed with an infusion of peppermint twice daily. Finely chopped cress and grated raw apple are good to add on the food.

An excellent appetite restorer that also aids in digestion is NR Daily Health tablets. This Juliette de Bairacli Levy formula is blended with couchgrass, garlic, molasses, barley, kelp, and hops. Dried hops are truly one of nature's best appetite stimulants and couchgrass is a most important intestinal cleansing herb for dogs. The blend promotes overall vitality and well being. I have given these to all my dogs for nine years now, and their health has been excellent.

In cases of a an upset stomach, usually due from eating of the wrong foods Nux vomica 30x or BHIStomach are good remedies. If there is great pain in the abdomen and especially if the dog is twisting in discomfort while crying out in pain Colocynthis 30c or BHI Intestine will bring relief.

In cases of acute gastritis where there is great rumbling in the gut and the above mentioned remedies have not brought relief, I use Magnesia phosphorica 30x and Natrum muriaticum 30x every hour until the symptoms are relieved. In the emergency cases of Gastric Torsion or "Bloat", Nux moschata 30c can be used every 15 minutes along with BHI Stomach. This is definitely worth trying as it may stop the need for surgery.

There is a growing trend of veterinarians who utilize holistic medicine in their practices in North America. Complimentary medicine is well accepted in Europe and in many countries of the world. It is estimated that 90% of veterinarians in Germany use homeopathy in their practices The British Royals have utilized homeopathy for generations. In fact, it is recognized under the British National Health Service as an accepted and safe form of medical treatment. It is up to us, the breeders and all animal lovers, to encourage our veterinarians to explore all the health care options that are available to us.

Through the years I have enjoyed tremendous success using complimentary medicine on my dogs. Even when I find it necessary to treat using orthodox methods, due to the dogs' high level of health and the initial homeopathic and herbal treatments that I have given them, their response time in healing is remarkable. Truly then we have the best of both worlds.

If you would like to learn more about homeopathic and herbal remedies; reputable companies that supply them; recommended books; or where to find veterinarians who specialize in this field, call or write to: Marina Zacharias, P.O.Box 1436, Jacksonville, OR. 97530

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