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Herbal Compound

written by Marina Zacharias

I have repeatedly said "that this is one product I simply would not be without". However, as this newsletter is devoted to a "think for yourself" principal, I want to give you some background and details to consider.

A little over 13 years ago, while researching natural rearing, I read "The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog and Cat" by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. (First published in 1944). For those of you familiar with her books--’nuf said.

For those of you that have not had the opportunity or time to become familiar with her work let me just say that she is considered to be THE International authority on Herbs for animals. She pioneered such thing as seaweed, raspberry leaf, and has traveled the world gathering herbal formulations that have been handed down for centuries in many different cultures.

Generations of animal lovers have relied on her skillfully blended formulas and natural methods for disease prevention and cure.

Juliette is a breeder of Afghans and guardian to many animals. When I first read her statement "..with pills of this compound I have kept all my animals free from illness such as Rabies, all forms of Cancer including Feline Leukemia.." I could hardly believe it. My questioning mind was ringing alarm bells all over the place---but what if it were true?

I decided to study each ingredient of her NR Herbal Compound to see if the foundation of the formulation made practical sense. For your consideration I offer the following brief summary of my findings on each ingredient.

GARLIC: One of the most powerful and well studied herbs. Russian scientists have acclaimed garlic as an internal purifier of the greatest importance. It is highly antiseptic and works throughout all parts of the body.

It is used in many parts of the world as a general antibiotic. It is very effective on the digestive tract by stimulating secretions and gut contractions. Increased bile secretion cleanses the liver and aids in the detoxifying of the entire body.

Garlic also improves the assimilation of vitamin B, which is particularly important to the nervous system. It also helps to increase the blood flow to the tissues, which in turn supplies greater oxygen to the cells for the much needed maintenance and repair functions of the body.

SAGE: Its' name comes from the Latin ‘salvere’, ("to be well" & "to save"). A much valued herb for fevers; infection; all gastric problems & flatulence; nerve debility; all heart ailments; obesity; and female ailments.

It is especially good for nursing mothers as it makes the milk refreshing and tonic, while helping to increase the milk yield.

THYME: Another powerful tonic and antiseptic herb. It is used in treatments for all digestive complaints; respiratory problems; nervousness; inflamed or infected uterus; and removal of worms--including hookworm.

It is rich in vitamin A, Zinc, Calcium and Thiamin.

EUCALYPTUS: A reliable medical journal in Europe gives credit to the power of the Eucalyptus tree for destroying and stopping fever plagues in entire communities where the trees grew.

A virtual panacea for illness, it is used in treatments for asthma; bladder; bronchitis; diarrhea; gonorrhea; gout; fevers; kidney disease; all pulmonary ailments including pneumonia; rheumatism; acute or chronic inflammation; spleen; tumors; and worms.

WORMWOOD: Considered to be the most bitter plant in the world. It is written about by the most ancient healers ( and confirmed by today's science) that wormwood has many healing properties.

Most notable, digestive disorders; pneumonia; kidney and bladder; tumors; female problems; diabetes; liver; spleen; fevers; and worms.

RUE: The essential active ingredient of this plant is RUTIN, which possesses most potent powers. These include, strengthening weakened blood vessels; toning the nerves and glands. The herb is highly antiseptic and is an old remedy for prevention and cure of Rabies!

CHARCOAL: Aids in absorbing impurities and toxins from the blood and internal organs.

If you ever burn wood outside, you will notice your own animals and wild life will seek out the charcoal remains.

Do I use it? You bet I do!!!

For stimulating the immune system in general, I give this to all my dogs daily for five days of the week. For the best benefit, the body should be "rested" for a couple days per week from any herbal application.

For therapeutic use or when I feel a dog may be subjected to a "risk" situation (i.e. surgery, etc.) I double up on the dosage. Even if I choose to treat a particular problem with a homeopathic remedy, I still give the NR Herbal Compound at the same time. They can and do work well together.

In previous articles I have mentioned some of the good "side effects" of the blend such as:

  • lack of fleas and internal parasites
  • increased general vitality
  • benefits to newborns when nursing mothers are given the compound

From the foregoing information I trust that the multitude advantages of this product are a little more obvious.