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Natural Rearing Product Catalogue

Additional Supplements

VITAMIN E ( from natural vegetable oils)

An extremely important antioxidant vitamin, which plays a huge role in the retarding of the aging process; treating heart disease; preventing blood clots; protects against the toxic effects of heavy metals; helps to oxygenate the cells; prevents scar tissue and promotes healthy skin.

Extremely important in the healthy function of all reproduction organs. Statistical records show that conception chances at mating increase by approx. 40% than those animals not on vitamin E. It is also helpful in arresting habitual abortions. Highly recommended to be given with vitamin C for good health and vitality.

Daily Dosage:

  • under 35 lb. - 200 iu every other day
  • 35 - 80 lb. - 200 iu daily
  • over 80 lb. - 400 iu daily

100 capsules - 200 iu …. $ 16.00


A compound of Chinese herbs for the treatment of intestinal parasites that is effective, non- toxic, practical and inexpensive. It has been very effective in single doses for the treatment of roundworms ( Toxocara, Toxascaris spp.) without any adverse side effects. It is also very effective in a five day course treatment for Tapeworms, Whipworms, Hookworms, Giardia, and Coccidiosis ( the latter two are best combined with the herb Picorrhiza for best results.) It is absolutely safe for puppies or kittens.


  • Tablets- 2 per 10 lb. of weight
  • Powder - 1 tsp. per 20 lb. of weight

Dosage can be safely increased to double if desired results are not obtained. For roundworms repeat treatment in 3 weeks. Can also be used for routine prevention.

100 tablets ….$ 21.00
250 tablets ….$ 42.00
½ pound powder …. $ 23.00