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Natural Rearing Product Catalogue

Specialties Remedies


A comprehensive formula for bone, joint, ligament and cartilage functions. Contains Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate which occur naturally in joint cartilage. Bromelain is added to maintain flexibility and decrease inflammation. Boswellin and Curcumin are herbs that have shown great effectiveness in arthritis conditions.

Daily Dosage: Give 1 cap. Per 15 lb. for 4 weeks. Then dosage can be cut in half or maintained.

120 caps ... $ 43.00


A Chinese herbal formula that is highly effective in alleviating the pain of osteoarthritis. It helps to nourish the tendons and bones and helps to protect the joint spaces. Works great in combination with Arth 9.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 tablets - $23.00
250 tablets - $43.00

MSM - (Methyl-Sulforyl-Methate)

A sulfur based compound that aids in relief of joint pain and inflammation associated with osteo-arthritis and other musculoskelatal conditions. Sulfur is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body. It is largely responsible for tissue regeneration. Do not be fooled. All MSMs are not created equal! After extensive testing, I've found this brand (Probiologic) to be one of the best.


  • Small - 1 or 2 capsules a day
  • Medium to Large - 2 Capsules twice a day
  • Over 80 lbs. - 2 to 3 capsules twice a day

60 Capsules - $22.00

PERNA CAPS: ( Da Vinci. )

This is the same as GLYCOFLEX- but without the brewer’s yeast!) The Perna Mussel is a marine bivalve mollusk that has enjoyed a long history of use as a nutritional supplement. Use it for cases of any degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia or connective tissue problems. It serves as a lubricant for the joints, thereby decreasing pain and inflammation. Benefits of this supplement should be noticed within 6 weeks depending on the severity of the condition.

Daily Dosage:

  • under 15 lb. - 1 capsule
  • over 15 lb.- give 1 capsule per 15 pounds.

Give for 4 weeks; dosage can then be reduced. Divide dose between a.m. & p.m.

90 caps. $ 20.00
180 caps. $ 36.00


An amazing organic herbal tincture that gives quick relief for puppies that suffer from this painful and debilitating disease (also known as long bone.) Breeders have reported great success stories with this formula and it is safe and easy on the system compared to anti-inflammatories. Contains the following certified organic herbs; Boneset; Blue Vervain; Comfrey; Fenugreek; Goldenseal; Nettle; Mullein; Rose Hip; and Sarsaparilla.


  • under 50 lb. – Approximately 30 drops twice daily
  • over 50 lb.- Approximately 40 to 80 drops twice daily

If the remedy is stopped too soon, symptoms may reappear. It is recommended to continue daily use until all threat of Pano has gone. If dosages above give some improvement, but not complete relief, increase dosage until relieved.

4 oz. .... $ 48.00
8 oz. .... $ 96.00


This homeopathic / glandular combination has proven excellent for any chronic or acute pain or debility that results from hips, arthritis, and joints. Helps repair conncetive tissue by supplying needed tissue nutrients. Split dosage between a.m. / p.m.

Daily Dosage:

  • small dog / cat - 1/2 tsp.
  • med. dog- 3/4 to 1 tsp.
  • large dog - 1 to 2 tsp.

4 oz .... $ 26.00


This homeopathic / glandular combination has given excellent results in aiding bone regeneration. Use it when there has been damage to the bone. ( i.e. broken limbs, OCD, etc.) Split dosage between a.m. / p.m.

Daily Dosage:

  • small dog / cat - ½ tsp.
  • med. dog - ¾ to 1 tsp.
  • large dog - 1 to 2 tsp.

4 oz … $ 26.00


A Chinese herbal formula that is a must for any type of back or disc problems. Helps to strengthen the back as well as aiding in relief of inflammation. Use long term in chronic cases. Best combined with San Qi, Discus Comp. and Arth9.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00
250 Tablets - $43.00


A Chinese herbal formula that gives excellent results when used with Liquid Amber for back/disc problems. San Qi helps to decrease inflammation and pain by helping to regulate proper blood flow. Along with back conditions, use San Qi for injury, surgery or trauma.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00
250 Tablets - $43.00


A wonderful soothing combination of herbs and enzymes that promotes healing in irritable and inflammatory bowel conditions. Contains such herbs as Slippery Elm, American Cranesbill, Cabbage, Marshmallow, Okra and duodenal substance that aids healing in the entire gastro-intestinal tract. This has given good and consistent results as a key supplement in most IBD/IBS protocols.


  • under 5 lbs. - 1 capsule a day
  • Small - 1 capsule twice a day
  • Medium-Large - 2 capsules twice a day

60 capsules - $23.00
180 capsules - $62.00


One of the strongest pancreatic enzymes I have found. Especially needed for those animals with pancreatic insufficiency or in irritable bowel conditions.


  • under 5 lbs. - 1/2 capsule with food
  • Small - 1 capsule with food
  • 40-75 lbs. - 2 capsules twice a day with food
  • Over 75 lbs. and in severe cases 3 capsules twice a day with food

60 Capsules - $31.00
120 Capsules - $57.00


A comprehensive digestive enzyme that helps the body to digest and assimilate food properly. A much stronger enzyme than Prozyme. Great for those animals with extra needs.


  • Under 10 lbs. - 1/2 cap with meals
  • 10-45 lbs. - 1 cap with food
  • Over 45 lbs. -1- 2 caps with food

90 cap - $28.00
180 cap - $50.00


An essential pancreatic enzyme for animals in any state of recovery ,illness or chronic disease. Can be helpful in digestive disorders and it is particularly useful when combined with the NR Seaweed Mineral Food to control Stool Eating. Many dogs eat stool due to a lack of trace elements and minerals in the diet as well as due to a deficiency of the digestive enzyme Trypsin. Also very helpful in any cases of inflammations or injury. Each tablet contains: Pancreatin... 100 mg; Bromelain... 50 mg; Papain ... 50 mg.; Lipase ... 10 mg.; Amylase ... 10 mg.; Trypsin and Chymotrypsin ...100 mg.

Dosage: (Give on an empty stomach)

  • Small dogs / cat- 1/2 tablet.
  • Med. dog- 1-2
  • Large dog- 3 -4

50 tablets .... $15.00
100 tablets .... $ 27.00


A wonderful combo that works quickly to aid in common diarrhea. Contains ingredients such as Psyllium; Betonite Clay; Fenugreek; Slippery Elm; Marshmallow to soothe and absorb impurities out of the gut. Can be combined with Homeopathic Diarrhea, Echinacea Comp. and Bao Xing for best results.


  • Small - 1 twice a day
  • Medium - 2-3 three times a day
  • Large - 3-4 twice a day

Note: For chronic diarrhea associated with IBD or colitis, please call to determine your animal's specific needs. This remedy would not be recommended in this type of chronic problem.

120 capsules - $29.00


This Chinese herb has been useful in fighting yeast infections in the ears. When combined with Anti Parasite Powder it has been effective for Giardia and Coccidia.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 90 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 tab…. $ 23.00
250 tab….$ 43.00


This is a high potency probiotic that help maintain friendly flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Especially important during the use of antibiotics and helpful in many digestive disorders. Great for any age pups / kittens that are being supplemented. The powder form makes it easily dissolved. Lactose free this product must be stored in refrigeration. Contains 6 billion cfu of each Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium infantis per gram.


  • small dog / cat - 1/8 tsp. twice daily
  • med. dog. - ¼ tsp. twice daily
  • large dog - ½ tsp. twice daily

56 grams ( 2 oz) …. $ 35.00


A Chinese complex formula in the treatment and relief of allergy symptoms. This is an important remedy, when combined with other allergy remedies such as Psorinoheel and Antronex, it has given excellent clinical results.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 90 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 tablets - $23.00
250 tablets - $43.00


For allergic reactions to Bee, Flea, Ants -( Black, Red And Fire) Horse Fly, House Fly, Spider, Wasp, Mosquito, and Tick.

2 oz. dropper bottle .... $ 24.00


For Allergic reactions to a variety of grasses and weeds including; Foxtail, Mugwort, Ragweed, Pigweed, Sheep Sorrel, Yellow Dock, Kentucky Blue, Orchard, Perrenial Rye, Timothy, Alfalfa, Red and White Clover, and others.

2 oz. dropper bottle .... $ 24.00


For allergic reactions to broad leaf and needle bearing trees including; Alder, Birch, Cedar, Cottonwoods, Oaks, Elms, Junipers, Maples, Firs, and Spruces etc.

2 oz dropper bottle … $ 24.00


For allergic reactions to household dust, molds and mites.

2 oz dropper bottle … $ 24.00

Dosage: 5 to 10 drops three times daily. Then taper back as needed. Give directly into mouth or can be put in the water dish. For best results, start 2 months before the affecting season.


A flavonoid that has shown to actually inhibit the release of histamine and other inflammatory compounds; therefore greatly reducing the allergic / inflammatory response.

Each cap contains 30 mg. of Quercitin.

Daily Dosage:

  • small dog / cat- 1
  • med. dog - 2 - 4
  • large dog - 4 - 6

60 caps….$ 25.00


A great remedy to aid in detoxification. Use with Detoxification Factors (pg. 22) to help the body detoxify after any surgery or chemical/drug exposure. This is also a good remedy for stomach upsets, especially gas or bloating.

Dosage: For detoxification - once a day for 1 month

2 oz - $26.00
4 oz - $48.00
8 oz - $88.00


Supplies nutritional precursors and cofactors essential in Phase I and II liver detoxification. Includes antioxidants, conjugating agents, glutathione precursors, vitamin and mineral cofactors and more.

Dosage(On empty stomach):

  • under 10 lbs. - 1 a day
  • 10-25 lbs. - 1 twice a day
  • 25-30 lbs. 3 a day
  • over 35 lbs. - 2 twice a day
  • over 130 lbs. - 3 twice a day

(note: Detoxification Factors are usually given for a period of one month)

60 Capsules - $31.00
120 Capsules - $57.00


A combination of herbs which cleanse and detoxify the liver. Contains Beet leaves; Casoara sagrada and Parsley to aid in the excretion of bile. Dandelion root and Uva Ursi to assist the urinary tract in the detoxification process; Milk Thistle is a liver tonic and stimulant that encourages liver cell renewal and Licorice root helps in removing toxins from the body.

For complete liver support it is strongly suggested to use Livaplex in combination with Herbal Hepaclenz.

Daily Dosage:

  • under 15 lb. - 1 cap
  • 15 - 30 lb. 2 caps
  • 30-40 - 3 caps
  • 40lb. + 4 caps

90 caps…. $ 21.00


An Ayurvedic combination of herbs to support and facilitate internal detoxification, while strengthening and balancing the liver functions.


  • 5 lbs. & under - 1/2 daily
  • Small - 1 daily
  • Medium - 2-3 daily
  • Large - 2 twice a day

90 Tablets - 33.00
Drops - 2 oz. - $22.00


An Ayurvedic blend of herbs specific to provide support in chronic Kidney problems. It aids to cleanse, tone and strength the kidney's eliminative system.


  • Small - 1 a day
  • Medium to Large - 1 twice a day

90 Capsules - $34.00


A good Chinese herbal formula for the prevention of or reoccurrence of bladder or kidney stones. Use long term. Good to use with Couchgrass. Lysimachia has stone dissolving properties which could result in the resolution of stones.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00
250 tab $43.00


A Chinese herbal combination that aids in fighting off bladder and kidney infections. Majority of bladder infections can be successfully treated without antibiotics. To best accomplish this, it is best to treat aggressively using Pyrrosia, Albaplex, Solidago and Cran Caps. Even if antibiotics are given, use these as adjunctive therapy to aid the body to truly kill the infection; thus preventing reoccurrence.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00
250 Tablets - $43.00


A Chinese herbal combination formula that we have successfully used in the treatment of chronic urinary tract infections. Use after infection has cleared for prevention of reoccurrence. Can be used long term.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00
250 Tablets - $43.00


A concentrate of cranberry juice free of sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is helpful in the treatment of chronic bladder and cystitis infections. Each cap contains 1,000 mg. of cranberry concentrate. Can also be given with Couchgrass.

Daily Dosage:

  • small dog / cat - 1
  • med. dog - 2
  • large dog - 3-4

60 caps. … $ 31.00


This herb has been excellent in the treatment of bladder irritation and cystitis. It is also been beneficial for aiding in dissolving small calculi or gravel. Can be used with Albaplex for bladder infections.


  • 3 - 15 lb. - 1 cap daily
  • 15- 30 lb. 1 cap 2 -3 x daily
  • 30 -80 lb. 2 cap 2 x daily
  • 80+ 2 caps 2-3 x daily

90 cap. … $ 21.50


This co- enzyme plays a major role in energy production. Especially important for any cardiovascular or heart diseases. Can also aid in lowering cholesterol and has been helpful in gum disease. Use it for prevention especially in those breeds more susceptible to heart conditions. Very helpful in cancer cases.

Daily Dosage:

  • Small - 10-30mg daily
  • Medium to Large - 30mg twice a day

Coq10 - 30 mg.

30 tab. - $ 23.00
60 tab. - $ 44.00


An Ayurvedic formulation to support chronic heart conditions of all types. A good addition to other cardio supplements.


  • Small - 1 a day
  • Medium to Large - 1 twice a day

60 Tablets - $34.00

DMG: ( Da Vinci)

This food supplement is a simple amino acid that helps the body utilize oxygen more effectively. It not only aids the body’s immune system but helps to improve stamina; endurance and recovery after strenuous exercise. It has also been beneficial to cancer patients and those animals suffering from diabetes and epilepsy.

Daily Dosage: (Liquid)

  • up to 40 lb. - .5 ml
  • 41 to 80 lb. - 1 ml.
  • over 80 lb. - 1.5 ml. ( droppers are marked)

Daily Dosage: (Tablet)

  • up to 40 lb. - 1
  • 41 to 80 lb. - 2
  • over 80 lb. - 3 Either can be given with food.

Give twice daily for two weeks, then cut dosage back to once a day.

30 ml. dropper bottle $ 14.00
120 ml. dropper bottle $ 47.00
90 sublingual tabs. $ 31.00


One of the only true cold pressed fresh flax oil available from certified organic seed. Flax oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which has proven beneficial for all animals , especially cancer patients. Helps skin & coat ; immune function; cell oxygenation, and more. I give this daily to all my dogs. Flax in powdered form; gel caps; or in commercial supplements is too highly heat processed to be of benefit. Shelf life- 4 mos. refrigerated or 1 year frozen.

Dosage: (Give twice daily)

  • small dog / cat- ½ - 1 tsp.
  • med. dog - 1 ½ tsp. - 1 tbsp.
  • Large dog - 1 -2 tbsp.

( If overweight give less)

17 fl. Oz. … $ 29.00


A wonderful substitute for antibiotics that has proven effective throughout history. Aids in destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi. This product is sublingual to ensure delivery throughout the body. It can also be used topically. This product should not be given on a long term basis.

Dosage: (Give three times daily)

  • small dog / cat - 5 -7 drops
  • med. - large dog - 10 - 15 drops

2 oz …. $ 24.00


A Chinese herbal formula designed to enhance performance by increasing energy and endurance. Helps to increase oxygen utilization. Sublingual to ensure maximum absorption prior to activity. Contains Astragalus; Eleutheroginseng; Propolis and Ligustrum.


  • Give ½ - 1 full dropper full 30 mins.
  • Before activity.
  • Or double for extra boost.

1 oz … $ 24.00

PYCNOGENOL ( Da Vinci ):

Recently introduced to North America, Pycnogenol is a natural plant product made from the bark of the European coastal pine. Pinus Maritima. It is a very efficient, water soluble, anti-oxidant that helps inhibit enzymes that cause inflammation. It helps prevent the breakdown of collagen; reduces histamine production and increases the bioavailabilty of vitamin C. Clinically it has shown to be dramatically helpful for those animals with chronic or critical disease, including cancer.


  • 1 mg. per I pound of body weight daily.
  • After two weeks ( depending on results) dosage can be cut in half.

30 caps. of 50 mg. $ 28.00
60 caps. of 50 mg. $ 52.00

Many companies are producing this product with questionable purity. Through exhaustive research, I have found this brand to be of the highest quality.


A great new product that has given very beneficial results in degenerative eye disorders, including cataracts and glaucoma. Often times these vision disorders can be traced to nutritional deficiencies. This product combines key antioxidants, Bilberry and Gingko extracts together with amino acids and minerals. Can be used for prevention or for existing conditions. Especially good for cataracts when combined with Iplex.

Daily Dosage:

  • small dog / cat - 1cap
  • med. dog - 2 to 4caps
  • large dog - 6 to 8 caps
  • ( Dosage can be doubled for therapeutic use.)

200 caps ... $ 45.00


An all natural substance, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, derived from the native Asian fruit containing the active ingredient (-) Hydroxycitrate. Research has indicated that the this ingredient helps to speed up calorie burning; decreases appetite and helps inhibit the body’s ability to store fat. An important tool in helping those animals who are over weight. Further information is available on request. ( It is strongly recommended, for maximum effect, use with the Lipotrophic supplement. When using both we have noticed improved energy and activity levels !)

Daily Dosage: (Give 1/2 to 1 hour before meals.)

  • small dog / cat - 1
  • med. dog - 2
  • large dog - 3

90 caps ... $ 34.00


Features free base L-Carnitine. This molecule is able to carry fats across the inner-mitochondrial membrane where they are burned for energy. This product combines lipotrics and chromium which are groups of nutrients that break fat globules into smaller particles and aids the liver in mobilizing and metabolizing fat. This supplement , when combined with the product Citrin ( see above) are powerful tools in weight reduction.

Daily Dosage:

  • under 10 lb. - 1/2 cap
  • 50 lb. and under - 1 cap
  • 100 lb. and under - 2 caps
  • over 100 lb. - 3 caps

120 capsules ... $ 51.00


This tincture has given good results in topical treatment of ear mites as described in Dr. Pitcairin’s Natural Health for Dog and Cat book. Full instructions on ear mite treatment included.

2 oz. .…$ 27.00
4 oz…. $ 49.00


A combination of Lavender oil and almond oil to be used topically for mange treatment. Apply to affected areas twice daily or alternate with lemon juice. This helps to kill the mites without the chemical dips. ( Should also be used with good immune support and vitamins. i.e. Immuplex; Viola and Cutis Comp.: vitamins E; C; B; zinc.; etc.)

4 oz…. $ 27.00
8 oz….$ 49.00


A Chinese herbal formula that aids in immune suppression. Especially important in the treatment of demodectic mange.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 90 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00


A Chinese herbal formula that aids in lung and respiratory troubles. Indicated for excess phlegm or mucus, particularly in the lungs. Use in pneumonia or chronic lung conditions.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 Tablets - $23.00
250 Tablets - $43.00


A breakthrough formula for cancer therapy. A rice isaflavonoid that, in clinical studies, has shown to significantly increase the killer cell activity of the body. This aids the body in destroying cancer cells.


  • Small - 1 Capsule twice a day on an empty stomach
  • Medium - 2 Capsules twice a day on an empty stomach
  • Large - 3 Capsules twice a day on an empty stomach

120 Capsules - $35.00
240 Capsules - $60.50


This is Rene Caisse’s famous cancer formula. This is the full blend of 8 herbs that has helped combat numerous cancers by inhibiting tumors and clearing the body of toxins. At the same time it boosts the immune system. We have had great response to Flor-Essence. It can be given with any other therapy or medications. Contains: Slippery Elm; Sheep Sorrel; Turkey Rhubarb; Watercress; Blessed Thistle; Red Clover; Kelp.

For active cancer adult dosages can be given to all sizes including cats. ( 1-2 oz. twice daily) Can be cut in half for maintenance dosage when the animal is well.

Dry Herbal Tea ( Contains 3 pkgs. You prepare. When giving a high dosage this is more economical.)

Liquid Herbal Tea - Prepared 17 oz.
Cost of each.. . $36.00


An excellent supplement made from olive leaf extract that works to help the body kill a host of infections. ie: staph, strep, pseudomonos, etc. I have found the best uses in bacterial infections of all types, especially chronic upper respiratory or chronic skin infections.


  • Under 10 lbs. - 1/2 tablet daily
  • Small - 1 tablet daily
  • Over 30 lbs. - 1 tablet twice a day
  • Over 100 lbs. - 1 tablet three times a day

90 Tablets - $43.00


A combination of Chinese herbs to aid in depressed immune functions. It is especially helpful in chronic immune suppression due to a variety of causes, including infections and cancer.


  • Small - 1/2 tablet twice a day
  • Medium - 2 tablets twice a day
  • Over 70 lbs. - 3 tablets twice a day

100 tab…. $ 23.00
250 tab….$ 43 .00
420 tab…$63.00


An important supplement in helping the body fight infection. This has given excellent results especially in chronic infections or immune suppression problems. Can be used short or long term.


  • 5 lbs. and under - 1/2 Capsule daily
  • Small - 1 Capsule daily
  • Medium to Large - 1 Capsule twice a day
  • Over 100 lbs. - 1 Capsule three times a day

90 Capsules - $46.00


The most superb combination of Chinese herbs ever put together for viral infections! If used at the onset of any type of viral symptoms (early stages), it will stop the infection in its' tracks! I've been so impressed with the consistent results BaoXing gives for any species! It also is a very good pain reliever. I would not be without this herb! Excellent in chronic viral infections. (ie. Hepatitis)


  • Under 25 pounds - 1 capsule once a day crushed
  • Over 25 pounds - 2 capsules once a day crushed

60 Capsules - $37.00


Yeast Free. For those of you who wanted to know- this is the multi vitamin formula I take. It is the most complete and highest potency I have researched. It contains not only the complete vitamin and mineral group but also Digestive enzymes; Amino acids; Chromium GTF; Selenium and so much more. If you would like a full ingredient listing please ask.

For those who wish to give a multivitamin to their animals this is wonderful. It is used by many holistic vets. As it is so comprehensive compared to vitamin supplements formulated for pets.

Daily Dosage:

  • small dog / cat - ½ tab.
  • 15 - 30 lb. - 1 tab
  • 30 - 75 lb. - 2 tabs
  • 75- 100 - 3 tabs
  • over 100 - 4 tabs.

120 tabs…. $ 32.00
240 tabs….. $ 60.00
Spectra Female 120 tabs... $34.00